Mini-Aussie Puppies

*** We still have 4 puppies available… three from Zoey and one from Elsa! ***

Price reduced to $2000

Zoey’s litter arrived April 25th!

This is Zoey’s first  litter and she is now a very proud momma for six beautiful puppies! Zoey is a small black tri with oodles of personality! She was bred with a beautiful blue merle named Razz. 

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Elsa’s litter arrived April 28th!

This will be Elsa’s fourth and last litter. She was bred with Oso, who is the same father of her previous litters. Note that Zoey (above) was bred with Razz who is an Elsa puppy, so we are keeping Elsa’s bloodline going through him!

Elsa had 2 puppies – red merle girl and blue merle girl. The red merle is SUPER tiny and adorable. She is still available… (These pictures are from 11 weeks old.)


Elsa Puppy 1 – Girl (Red Merle)

(More pictures will be posted soon…)

These puppies born in late April are ready to go home now. (Four have already gone to their loving forever homes!

Proud parents…

Zoey & Razz

Elsa & Oso


All puppies are $2500. Price reduced to $2000.

We ask for a deposit of $500 to hold a puppy. Then the balance is due when you pick up your puppy.

If you choose to NOT take a puppy after making a deposit, your deposit will be refunded as soon as a new owner pays their deposit. (The full amount will be refunded if we are able to sell the puppy for the asking price.)

It is “traditional” for Australian Shepherds to have their tails docked. This is done 2-3 days after birth. If you are interested in having a puppy with the tail intact, please let us know and we will let you select your puppy right after birth. We ask for a $500 non-refundable deposit if you wish to do so.

The puppies will be registered with American Kennel Club and American Stock Dog Registry as a pet. If you want to have breeding rights for your dog, there is an additional $1000 fee. (“Breeding rights” means that if you choose to breed your dog, the puppies may be registered. As a “pet”, the puppies from your dog may NOT be registered.)

Due to social distancing in this time of the COVID-19 virus, we will be practicing safe methods for any viewing and picking up of puppies. We are happy to discuss these procedures when we talk to you.

If you have any questions, or wish to reserve a puppy, please contact either of us at…



Previous parents…

Spirit & Redford

Featured puppy pics…


Elsa & Oso Berry Blue

Featured puppy pics…